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Young Outliers is a STEAM Design Entrepreneurship Camp where children learn about the future world. A world our children will grow into, live, and interact with.
July 29th to Aug 9th, 2019

310 Easy Street, Mountain View, CA (GISSV/YSIC School)

$1,199 (Early Bird Discount off $100 when you sign up before March 31, 2019)

Young Outliers is a part of Silicon Valley STEAM Education & Research Association (SV-SERA)

What is Young Outliers?

The fusion of advanced technologies and new STEAM discoveries every day is causing our world to advance at a lighting pace. The future is exciting and promising but we feel it’s hard to keep up. Living in Silicon Valley, where most future STEM discoveries and technologies and are designed and produced, it is imperative that we prepare our children for a future with a new & dynamic way of learning. A way of learning that prepares them for the brave new future intellectually stimulating, socially engaging, and fun.

YO is a STEAM Design Entrepreneurship Camp where children learn about the future world. A world our children will grow into, live, and interact with.

The campers learn integrated STEAM knowledge and real-world applications in a fun, practical, hands-on, and socially interactive way. They immerse in a creatively designed simulation of Silicon Valley’s innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem. Along with STEAM teachers, Silicon Valley entrepreneur mentors and angel investors guide participants in understanding TEAM problems and formulating STEAM solutions.


Why is it important to your child?

The 10 days you spend with us will be anything but ordinary. It will be simply amazing and eye opening.

  • Connect the dots and generate “Aha” moments. Understand how school work connects with the real-world innovative products and applications designed in Silicon Valley

  • Learn how Silicon Valley’s innovative ecosystem works in a fun, team-based, and socially interactive way. Inspire children to create a better world through STEAM Design Entrepreneurship. Find happiness in a positive, high energy, and diverse community.

  • Discover STEAM connections with one’s passions. Develop interest and potential in STEAM. Perform better in STEAM classes

  • Combine imagination, science, engineering knowledge, and insight with technology to design new ideas and build prototypes products and services, all while having fun.

  • Articulate and story telling your ideas in a safe space, without fear of grades falling o negative social pressure

  • Compete to get your STEAM project funded by angel investors with “play money”. Kick start your young entrepreneurial mindset

What will participants learn in a fun way?

  • Learn how biology, chemistry, physics, space science, technology, engineering, and arts are interrelated and applied in real-world STEAM applications

  • Apply integrated STEAM in designing entrepreneurial solutions for a better future world

  • Design ideas, solve real-world problems, conduct STEAM experiments, build models & prototypes, integrate technology (for grade 7-8)

  • Mentored by Silicon Valley STEAM professionals, investors, progressive teachers in solving real-world challenges

  • Discover Silicon Valley’s cutting edge STEAM companies and how they are changing our world

  • Participate in an Innovation Tournament. Ideate solutions with teammates, build prototypes, pitch to angel investors, and highest valued idea wins the tournament!

  • Invent the future with peers in a socially interactive Silicon Valley entrepreneurial ecosystem


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